“It's not just that home is where the heart is, but that home reveals where the heart is.”

When you walk into a room designed by Robin Rains, you sense it. It's more than just well-appointed, or the perfect splash of wall color. It's the way the entire space speaks to you. What it communicates is something deeper than words. From color to texture to pattern to lighting, Robin's adept use of the elements of design, family heirlooms, treasured pieces, and personal collections make each room a silent invitation for guests to learn more about those who live in these spaces and what they individually value.

Facilitating such deep meaningful connections between people and the world they live in is a motivating force in Robin Rains' work. It started in her youth, with a family that used art and heirlooms to reinforce their values and sense of self. Robin learned early on the profound affect her surroundings had on herself and all who visited their home.

Today, Robin and her Nashville based team continue this tradition for each client. With projects that span the United States, they create interiors to evoke an emotional response and complement a lifestyle, not dictate one. Robin expertly weaves her client's narrative into every space by grounding it with textures and natural materials. From wood to metal to stone, she uses these elements to reflect the client's very soul. The combination of classic and timeless design adorned with the unexpected are characteristics of a Robin Rains Interior Design space.

Robin is also known for her use of European antiques that she sources personally. She regularly travels to France, Belgium and Spain in search of the unexpected vintage and antique pieces to better express a client's story. Robin recently opened her flagship showroom in the new Nashville Design Collective, open to both the trade and the public. This stunning gallery space simply overflows with her unusual one-of-a-kind European treasures. In addition to her new Nashville showroom, Robin also maintains a presence at Leiper's Creek Gallery in historic Leiper's Fork, TN.

Since establishing her own design business in 2001, Robin's work has been widely featured in many publications including Veranda, Milieu, Luxe, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, and the Wall Street Journal.